CTI Understands the Manufacturing Process

and its economic impact.

Total Responsibility

CTI’s goal is to bring products all the way to market. Since we handle each of the critical steps; Design – Engineering – Manufacturing and Marketing, we can lower our costs overall. Because we take responsibility for the whole process, our clients save considerable time, money and frustration by not having to research and manage multiple groups or companies.

Due to our global contacts and relationships we can pass on lower pricing for our services and we have abundant resources at our disposal which allows us to provide all the necessary services to bring products to market faster and more effiiciently.

Knowledge and Experience

The staff at CTI has been involved in product development for many years. In addition, most of the staff has directly been involved in manufacturing environments, and fully understands the challenges – and costs of bringing a new product or idea to market.

With CTI, you are hiring people who have been on the manufacturing floor, have seen products being made and are capable of dealing with the challenges of daily production. That knowledge and experience brings insight, planning and problem solving to each and every project. Add in the fact that we develop over 50 new products a year and you have a group working for you that knows how to get things done inexpensively and quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Specialists in Key Fields

CTI’s staff consists of professionals from each of the critical fields needed to get a product into the market. Design & Engineering, Material Specialists, Manufacturing Engineering, Packaging and Graphics, Promotional Marketing & Sales, and Business Strategies. Each one of these key areas is represented in CTI’s staff by individuals who are at the top of their fields. The staff capitalizes on their varied expertise to work as a team, and streamline the development process, reduce your costs and effectively and quickly launch your product into the market.

Global Connections

CTI’s extensive experience is supported by long standing relationships with worldwide professionals and organizations. These relationships allow us to tap into the most creative design & marketing approaches and tools, the latest in material and technology advancements, and the most advanced manufacturing processes. Our relationships translate into lower costs and a higher priority for our clients.

CTI’s mission is to create a partnership with our clients that last far into the future. We want to be the resource that helps them build their business, become more profitable and become the recognized leaders in their industry.