Marketing And Design Expertise Combined To Create

Powerful Solutions.

CTI specializes in practical designs for products used every day. From personal beauty products to garden tools, we focus on the human, ergonomic elements that make a product not only functional, but intelligently designed.

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Adjustable Media Holder

The development of Consumer Goods is challenging due to the need for diverse materials, durable construction and detailed design. CTI has mastered this development process in multiple areas of the Consumer Goods Market.

Solana Solar Lantern

Material sourcing and selection are key components in the successful design and manufacture of a new product line. Our global resources allow us to maintain the highest quality materials while preserving a cost effective approach in design. Durability and sustainability provide the consumer with more reasons to remain loyal to the brand. At CTI, we strive to bring these elements together in all of our products

Dual Leash

Pet products must appeal to not only the animal, but its owner as well. Smart designs that are safe and functional, with a little TLC added. CTI has developed simple pet products as well as complex devices requiring extensive electronics.

Multi-positional Table

Attention to detail and strict documentation is paramount when creating industrial components and equipment. CTI supports a broad range of industries and has state of the art capabilities such as 3D modeling, mold flow analysis, and material stress analysis

Plant Saver Water Wizard

Redesigning an existing product can be a challenge to both the company and the manufacturer. CTI’s expertise in evaluating functionality, material usage and manufacturing processes is invaluable. By utilizing best practices in design and implementation CTI creates a better product at a lower cost. Our staff of experienced professionals can hone a design to lustrous efficiency.

Product Display

No matter how good a product may be, without the right merchandising it may never be seen. Unique materials, colors and construction are what catch a customer's eye. From concept to construction, CTI will get your product noticed.

Merchandising - Charging Station

The Charging Station allows customer to actually interact and demo the products that are sold right in the store. CTI's use of innovative lightweight and stable materials were key to creating an attractive and eye catching secure merchandiser. This design helped our client institute a true merchandising program to help retailers stay in front of the rapidly changing market of tech products.