CTI Understands the Manufacturing Process

and its economic impact.

gloc·al·i·za·tion [gloh-cuh-luh-zey-shuh n]

A combination of Global and Localization, is the adaptation of a product or service specifically to each locality or culture in which it is sold.

The term refers to the phenomenon in which economies, cultures and governments from around the world appear to integrate toward one global system. Today, with international travel and trade, the Internet and globally accessible media outlets, we continue to reduce distances the world over. Yet the world is still a vast mosaic of traditions, societies, values and beliefs -- all the elements that make up local culture.

At CTI, we provide products and services designed to benefit a local market while at the same time being developed and distributed on a global level. We believe in Glocalization in the sense that it is a mixture of combining a global market and the advantages of product localization and integration.

But the reverse is also true, we are also adept at implementing reverse innovation, and achieving success in developing products overseas, and creating added vitality distribution and cost reduction here in the States.