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The ThermaBowl is the ultimate bowl koozie and a revolutionary product that will change the way you serve and enjoy your food!

Made of insulated neoprene, it maintains a constant temperature, either Hot or Cold keeping your food at its freshest! It retains condensation, protects surfaces from heat damage and makes it safe to handle hot bowls.

Convenient and easy to use, with many designs and in convenient sizes to fit all types of bowls. You and your guests will enjoy your get-together, without worrying about food spoilage or losing your ideal temperature.

Solana Solar Lantern

This high quality solar powered table lamp is a practical source for any setting. It is constructed from the highest grade materials and guaranteed to last for many years in all types of climate and weather.

High-quality stainless steel body with a durable bronze finish top makes this lamp a perfect accent piece both inside and outside of your home.

Plant Saver Water Wizard

Plant Saver Water Wizard is the perfect complement to hanging plants of all types and sizes. Its sleek design is suitable for the home, store, office, or anywhere!

With its unique water level indicator, the Plant Saver Water Wizard will make watering your plants properly seem like magic! The indicator quickly tells you whether the plant is low on water and saves your valuable investment.